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In addition to identifying the actual number of people on the vehicle, the thermal imaging security camera can also be used for road intersection control and narrow lane road monitoring and detection. The core of the thermal imaging security camera is the application of video image processing software, which is often used with perimeter intrusion detector.

The application of thermal imaging system in the field of transportation is shown in several aspects:

First, detect the signal lights of vehicles passing through intersections. At intersections, thermal imaging can sense different temperatures between pedestrians, non-motor vehicles, and motor vehicles to trigger detection, and transmit signals to intersection signalers. But at present, this kind of application has not been seen in actual intersections in China.

The second is automatic detection of events along the road. It is not affected by the sun, and almost not controlled by the external environment, which meets the need of 7 * 24-hour real-time monitoring.

Third, as a fixed detector on the road, it can also be used for pedestrian detection.

Fourth, it is used for the currently popular unmanned driving. The thermal imaging camera is used as an in-vehicle device to assist driving. Its line of sight is 5 times that of the headlights. It can help drivers find roadblocks, other vehicles and turns earlier, so as to effectively reduce the risk of driving at night and avoid accidents.

Relevant research shows that infrared thermal imaging technology will be an important part of the car's intelligent safety assisted driving system or unmanned driving system.