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With the country's emphasis on energy saving, the proportion of energy-saving building materials used in construction has also increased significantly. How to visually display the energy-saving effect of energy-saving building materials, accurately analyze the energy-saving effect, and quickly detect the defects of energy-saving materials? This article mainly introduces the application of industrial thermal camera in the detection of energy-saving building materials, and provides new detection methods for the promotion of energy-saving building materials.

The main reasons for the inspection of building materials are as follows:

Through infrared thermal image analysis, in addition to visually displaying the thermal insulation effect of energy-saving materials, it is also possible to quantitatively analyze the energy-saving effects of energy-saving materials and quickly identify defects and problems in construction and use of energy-saving materials.

Advantages of industrial thermal camera in detecting energy-saving building materials:

1. Previously, there was no means to detect the overall energy-saving effect of energy-saving building materials. Only thermocouples could be used for sampling at some locations, so the temperature data was incomplete and the detection efficiency was low. But now the industrial thermal camera can display the energy saving effect as a whole, and the data can be re-analyzed. At the same time, the on-site inspection is very convenient and fast, which greatly improves the inspection efficiency.

2. Voice recording can be performed on site to avoid errors caused by paper recording.