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The intact operation of power generation equipment is the key to the production technology of power companies, and it is also an important factor to ensure the safety of the production. How does the production and maintenance personnel respond to the safety of power generation and ensure the normal operation of important equipment such as engines, steam turbines, boilers, and transportation pipelines? The answer is that the technology of the infrared thermal imaging camera can provide a reliable guarantee for all of this.

1. The application of the infrared thermal imaging camera in electrical equipment

The transformer body is prone to have temperature abnormalities due to the eddy current loss, the internal abnormalities, the poor core insulation, the partial discharge, the clogged oil pipelines, and the heat dissipation issues. Transformer bushings will have abnormal temperatures due to the internal damage, the abnormal joints, and the insulator leakage. The infrared thermal imaging camera can easily detect whether the temperature of the transformer box is normal and whether the heat dissipation is normal.

2. The application of the infrared thermal imaging camera in motor equipment

The mechanical equipment on operation will generate heat at the friction points (bearings). The overheated bearings will cause the motor or mechanical to have failures, and will cause production interruptions. The infrared thermal imaging camera cooperating with the traditional vibration analysis can provide a faster and more effective method for troubleshooting, and find hidden troubles in time.

3. The application of infrared thermal imaging camera in pipeline inspection

Pipes are important transportation equipment for production, and most of the pipelines are designed to be overhead or buried and its number is massive. The infrared thermal imaging cameras are used to intuitively and effectively detect pipeline blockages, thinning, corrosion, leakage and pipeline insulation status by scanning to reduce the energy consumption and ensure the production and personnel safety.

4. The application of infrared thermal imaging camera in detection of storage tank

Insufficient liquid level in the liquid storage tank will cause equipment damage and affect the production operation and safety directly. Use an infrared thermal imaging camera to detect the liquid level of the storage tank can avoid the failure of the liquid level gauge caused by deposition, so that there can be empty or full tanks, and that will give accurate monitoring of the liquid level.