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IR cameras are widely used. As long as there are temperature differences, IR cameras can be used. For example: in the field of construction, it can be used to check for hollow drums, defects, ceramic tiles falling off, damp, heat bridges, and so on; in the field of fire protection, IR thermal camera can be used to find the source of the ignition, determine the cause of the accident, and find the wounded in the smoke; in the field of the public security system, IR night vision camera can be used to find people hiding in the night; in the field of automobile production, it can be used to detect the running performance of tires, the air-conditioning heating wires, the engines, exhaust pipes, and so on; in the medical domain, it can be used to detect the effects of acupuncture, detect diseases such as nasopharyngeal cancer, breast cancer early; it can be also used in electric power inspection to inspect the wires, the connections, the quick-closing gates, and the substation ark and so on.

There can be various failures of power equipment, but most of them are accompanied by heat. From the perspective of infrared diagnosis, it usually can be classified into two types, the external faults, and the internal faults. As we all know, in the operation of the power system, the current-carrying conductor will generate resistance loss due to the current effect, and there are a large number of connectors, joints or contacts on the entire circuit of the power transmission. In an ideal situation, the contact resistance of various connectors, joints, or contacts in the transmission circuit is lower than the resistance of the connection conductor part, so the heat dissipation of the connection part will not be higher than that of the adjacent current-carrying conductor. However, once there is a poor connection in some connectors, joints or contacts and then they cause an increase in contact resistance, there will be more resistance loss and higher temperature rise in this part, thus causing local overheating. This category is usually an external fault.

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