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1. Technical progress of infrared gas detectors

Infrared gas detector is the core of thermal imaging technology. The technical level of the detector determines the technical level of thermal imaging. The detector has experienced a slow process from the early development of unitary to multi-element, and from multi-element to focal plane. Through the optical and mechanical scanning, the thermal image of the target can be obtained with the unitary infrared gas detector, and the performance of the system can be improved with the multi-element infrared detector.

Driven by infrared technology, material technology and microelectronics technology, the infrared gas detector is rapidly developing towards the focal plane assembly (FPA). FPA has two major characteristics: one is that the number of detection elements is very large, reaching 10³-10 detection elements, so that it can be directly placed on the focal plane of the telescope without optical and mechanical scanning structure; the other is that it is interconnected with the detector chip The integrated circuit completes the readout and processing of the detector signal.

2. Classification of the IR thermal imager

According to the detection technology and cooling method adopted by the IR thermal imager, there are the following three types:

(1) The unit opto-mechanical scanning type adopts unit infrared detection technology and liquid nitrogen refrigeration. It has a simple structure and is an early product. Most medical infrared thermal imaging cameras currently in use are of this type.

(2) The electric cooling type infrared thermal imager adopts focal plane infrared detection technology and Sterning internal circulation cooling imaging. However, it is noisy, easy to wear, short in life, and high in replacement cost of the refrigerator.

(3) The non-cooled focal plane array type adopts the world's advanced non-cooled focal plane array technology, which can be mass-produced. The cost and the complexity of the components are greatly reduced, the reliability is improved, the scanning speed is fast, there is no noise, and it can work continuously for a long time. It is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry, which is an ideal development goal.

A portable thermal imager with a handle from Zhejiang ULIRVISION Technology Co., Ltd., which is flexible to use and can be used anywhere. Online thermal imaging cameras need to be fixedly installed, and generally only infrared thermal images in a fixed area can be seen.

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