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Infrared thermal imaging technology can display the temperature field of the object surface intuitively, unaffected by strong light, and can be used for monitoring in situations where there are obstacles such as trees and grass. Infrared pyrometers or thermometers can only display the temperature value of a small area or a point on the surface of an object, while an infrared thermal camera can measure the temperature difference of each point on the surface of the object at the same time, visually displaying the temperature field on the surface of the object in the form of an image. As the infrared thermal camera detects the size of the infrared thermal radiation energy of the target object, it is not affected by strong light as the low-light night vision device, which is prone to halos or shut down when in a strong light environment.

The results of the detection by the infrared thermal camera can be recorded and reported, in order to decide the next repair/maintenance action. It generates thermal images through infrared resolution and stores them in a flash card, providing users with instant numerical and temperature information of the "hot spots" or the thermal distribution of a certain area.

Infrared thermal camera is an excellent assistant for measuring insulation

Infrared thermal camera has good energy-saving effect, which can save expenses for owners and measure insulation for a longer time without additional maintenance costs. It ensures a more uniform temperature in the whole space, creating a more comfortable environment. Experiments have shown that a comfortable environment contributes to improving productivity.

In general, the infrared thermal camera can expose all potential hazards, such as insulation, water stains on walls and roofs, termite infestations, hidden mold, pipes, and other electrical problems. It can also measure different materials with different emissivity, and the results vary accordingly. However, it should be noted that users should set the correct parameters to obtain reliable measuring data and reports.

Infrared thermal camera also has a major advantage, it is lightweight, with high precision, high thermal sensitivity and high-resolution large-color LCD display, and images can be saved to mini SD cards with quick focusing lens for rapid shooting.

Infrared thermal camera assists HVAC testing and maintenance

Infrared thermal camera is a non-contact temperature measurement tool that converts invisible infrared energy emitted by an object into a visible thermal image. The different colors on the thermal image represent different temperatures of the object being measured. Based on this principle, engineers can analyze the heat map intuitively with the help of professional analysis software to complete testing tasks such as power supply equipment, compressors, pipes, and air outlets for air conditioning equipment to ensure that the air conditioning works efficiently and continuously.

In addition to air conditioning, infrared thermal imaging is also suitable for detecting geothermal systems. For those who can't stand the cold and rely on underfloor heating during winter, traditional and complicated repair methods are definitely unbearable. This is when you can use infrared thermal imaging. This more efficient, convenient and professional tool can save you time and effort. The thermal image allows engineers to visually see the temperature difference, and if there is a leak in the geothermal pipeline, it is easy to find it with the infrared thermal camera without having to lift the entire floor, saving time, effort and unnecessary expenses.