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For us, we have to check the equipment every day, mainly relying on our experience to test the equipment. In the petrochemical industry. The infrared diagnosis technology is usually used in the following aspects:

No matter in petroleum or chemical enterprises, pipelines are usually used to transport steam, raw materials, products, etc., and the insulation layer is usually wrapped in the pipeline. Through the infrared thermal imaging camera applications, it is easy to check whether the thermal insulation layer of the pipeline is damaged and whether there is leakage.

Our thermal imager for sale has the following applications for temperature detection of pipeline:

The carbon deposit in the pipeline is blocked, and the temperature difference is caused by the difference of thermal capacity between the carbon deposit part and other parts. These temperature differences are transmitted to the pipeline shell, and then the infrared thermal imager can be used to photograph the fault outside the pipeline.

The inner wall of the pipeline is thinned due to abrasion or corrosion, and the temperature will be higher than that of the normal part, so the fault can be detected.

Due to the large fluctuation of local temperature, the thermal fatigue of materials will cause cracks and leakage, and the medium in the pipeline will leak. If the medium in the pipeline is low-temperature medium (such as ammonia) or high-temperature medium, the temperature difference between the leakage medium and the outer wall of the pipeline is different, the infrared thermal imager can be used to photograph the fault.

The temperature at the place where the insulation falls off can be clearly shown in the thermal image. The thermal imager can also detect the temperature of the pipeline, which can be used as the judgment basis for whether the insulation reaches the specified effect.