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Infrared radiation is the most widespread radiation in nature, and the atmosphere, smoke clouds, etc. can absorb visible light and near-infrared rays, but are transparent to 3~5μm and 8~14μm infrared rays. These two bands are called infrared "atmospheres window". Therefore, using these two windows, you can clearly observe the target that needs to be monitored in a completely dark night or in a harsh environment with dense clouds such as rain and snow. It is precisely because of this feature that the thermal infrared lens can truly monitor 24 hours a day.

Thermal infrared lens can visually display the temperature field on the surface of the object without being affected by strong light. Infrared thermometer can only display the temperature value of a small area or point on the surface of the object, while thermal infrared lens can measure the temperature of each point on the surface of the object at the same time, intuitively displaying the temperature field on the surface of the object and displays it in image form. Since the thermal infrared lens detects the size of the infrared heat radiation energy of the target object, it is not haloed or turned off when in a strong light environment like the low-light image intensifier, so it is affected by the strong light.

Thermal infrared lens can check the leakage of floor heating, can accurately detect the location distribution and direction of indoor pipe network, such as floor heating pipes, tap water pipes, and hot water pipes, and can accurately locate the location of pipe leakage. Heating a coil that has been preliminarily judged to have leaks after a pressure test. Increase the heat source temperature as much as possible to ensure that the coil heats up quickly. After heating, use a thermal infrared lens to observe the direction of the entire coil under the infrared viewing angle to find abnormal heating points.

There are often two phenomena in floor heating leaks: 1. The leaking part of the pipeline is blurred and spreading, and the storage line is linear, showing a mass of heat in the infrared picture; 2. The temperature of the leaking position is higher, and it appears white and bright in the infrared picture.