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The vacuum furnace infrared thermal imaging control system is a system used for monitoring and controlling the internal temperature of a vacuum furnace. This system typically consists of the following parts:

Infrared Thermal Imager

The infrared thermal imagers are used to monitor the temperature distribution inside the vacuum furnace in real time. They detect the surface temperature of objects through infrared radiation and converts it into thermal images, displaying the temperature distribution of different areas.

Temperature Controller

The temperature controller is used to set and maintain the target temperature inside the vacuum furnace. It can adjust the power of the heating elements based on data provided by the infrared thermal imager to achieve precise temperature control.

Data Acquisition and Analysis System

The data acquisition and analysis system is used to record and analyze the temperature data inside the vacuum furnace. It can help operators understand the working status of the vacuum furnace and make necessary adjustments and optimizations.

Safety System

The safety system is used to monitor the operating status of the vacuum furnace, including over-temperature, abnormal pressure, and other conditions. It takes appropriate measures to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel in case of a failure.

Human-machine Interface

The human-machine interface is used to operate and monitor the working status of the vacuum furnace. It typically includes a touchscreen display and control buttons, allowing operators to set parameters, view data, and carry out operations.

The vacuum furnace infrared thermal imaging control system plays an important role in the production and research and development processes of vacuum furnaces. It can improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and guarantee the safety of operators.