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What are the applications of infrared thermography cameras in production and life? By applying IR thermography cameras to electrical equipment, we can detect whether the wiring, transformers, circuit breakers, etc. in electrical equipment are aging, overheated, etc., and the thermal uniformity of the heating plate. The characteristics of the thermal imager allow it to observe many situations that are difficult to see with the naked eye, which greatly expands the monitoring range and brings a lot of convenience to various fields of production and life. This is the fundamental application value of the thermal imager.

Detection and diagnosis of overload and three-phase unbalance in the power system: It is well known that the quality of power directly affects the normal order of production and life. Overload and three-phase unbalance will reduce the power quality of the power grid and cause equipment damage in severe cases. and grid incidents. It is not difficult to see from the above content that the advantage of infrared thermography camera applied to power system is that it can quickly locate the fault point of the knife switch according to the corresponding relationship between visible light and infrared, with high efficiency, intuitive and reliable data, and also Can be archived for subsequent analysis. In addition, infrared thermography cameras have higher thermal sensitivity and can detect smaller temperature differences. In this way, it is helpful for inspectors to obtain more temperature details and avoid problems.

Of course, the advantages of infrared thermography cameras applied to power systems are not only the above, its anti-drop is up to 2 meters, and the operation is simple, fast and convenient. The thermal engineering design greatly improves the efficiency and reduces the fatigue of the inspectors. In fact, because the infrared thermography camera can perform accurate, fast, non-contact, high-resolution temperature imaging and provide high-quality thermal images for inspectors, it is not only the power system, but also the infrared thermography camera is applied to the fire protection system. , automobile inspection and maintenance, steel industry, construction industry and other industries are very common.

1. Application of infrared thermography camera in production enterprises

Insulating heat-generating equipment or heat-generating parts is the key to avoiding fires or damages after fires. These heat-insulating processes can also be regularly inspected using a handheld infrared thermography camera to ensure their integrity and determine industrial and production safety.

2. Application of infrared thermography camera in factory workshop

IR thermography cameras can detect problems such as unbalanced loads, overloads, wiring errors or device failures of equipment, and eliminate hidden dangers early.

3. The application of infrared thermography camera in the automotive industry

IR thermography cameras can detect whether the heating of the mold surface is uniform during the automobile manufacturing process. During the automobile maintenance, the fatigue state of the tires and the safety status of the axles can also be checked through the temperature conditions, so as to reduce the risks in the production and driving process.

4. The application of infrared thermography camera in the construction industry

Infrared thermography cameras can be used to detect the energy-saving status of buildings, such as the construction quality of thermal insulation layers, building air tightness and energy-saving material evaluation, etc., and can also detect building quality, such as leakage and hollowing; in addition to troubleshooting, thermal imaging cameras also It can be used in production processes such as product research and development. People can make timely adjustments by detecting and analyzing the temperature state distribution, which can greatly improve the efficiency of production and research and development.