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If you still think that thermal infrared lenses are high-end professional equipment that far away from us, then sorry, you are out! The thermal infrared lenses in our impression often appear in certain investigations, navigation operations and other professions nowadays, and the application of thermal infrared lenses is almost everywhere around us. In recent years, with the development and popularization of handheld infrared thermal infrared lenses, it has gradually transformed from a highly professional precision instrument to a portable, intelligent, and even a popular civilian product with Wi-Fi/cloud thermal imaging.

If you are worried about leaks in water pipes, broken spots on your mobile phone or TV screen, or inflammation in your body, you can be pleasantly surprised to tell you: thermal infrared lenses can solve such problems in one stop, and can also upload to the cloud for storage and big data management. Similarly, many industries are also changing due to the popularity of thermal infrared lenses: For example, if a firefighter has a thermal infrared lens, they can accurately determine the location of the fire and also accurately find the location of the trapped person; for example, when an earthquake occurs, if the drone is equipped with a thermal infrared lens, it can rush through numerous obstacles at the first time, ascertain the situation of the disaster area, and find the trapped persons immediately. The best rescue time is delayed due to the "trying finding the right way" situation; another example, as small as an ordinary store or home, as large as the national security system, using thermal infrared lenses, can accurately determine whether there are unsafe factors; another example, production In the process of processing products, in many inspections that cannot be observed with the naked eye and the accuracy of ordinary instruments are limited, if there is a thermal infrared lens, all the problems are "clear at a glance."

Thermal infrared lenses have been used in all corners of our lives, from common medical imaging to spectrum detection around us, from food detection that we gradually understand to radar modeling, from the most familiar safety serveillance to the upcoming autonomous driving and smart life.