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IR thermal imaging camera is a technology that uses photoelectric technology to detect infrared specific band signals of thermal radiation from objects, convert the signals into images and graphics that can be visually distinguished by humans, and further calculate the temperature value. IR thermal imaging cameras allow humans to transcend visual barriers, allowing people to "see" the temperature distribution on the surface of an object.

1. Advanced technology of IR thermal imaging camera

IR thermal imaging cameras can digitally record the local temperature distribution of the human body and display it on a floor plan. Several infrared thermal images of different sides can form a complete thermal distribution state of the human body. Whole, comprehensive, or single-organ examinations can be performed.

2. Early warning of IR thermal imaging camera

The temperature measurement sensitivity of the medical IR thermal imaging camera is extremely high, which can directly reflect the changes in the abnormal heat (temperature) area of the human body. In the early stage of many diseases, even if only functional (metabolic) changes do not form organic lesions, the temperature change information collected by medical IR thermal imaging cameras can interpret potential hidden dangers without obvious physical symptoms and detect problems early. The data show that infrared thermal imaging can detect lesions half a year or even earlier than structural images, and can be used as the first choice for prediction, screening and diagnosis of major diseases such as tumors.

3. IR thermal imaging camera green physical examination

Thermal imaging cameras do not emit radiation during operation. It passively receives infrared rays emitted by the human body through an external detector. It will not cause any harm or adverse reaction to the human body. It also doesn't require tagging and doesn't cause any damage to the environment. It is a non-destructive, non-radioactive, environmentally friendly, low-carbon, low-energy-consumption detection, which is convenient, fast, sensitive and economical.

4. IR thermal imaging camera pre-sick health check

The infrared camera online can be used as the preferred method to focus on screening healthy, sub-health, sub-clinical and latent disease high-risk groups and major disease groups. In terms of general health investigation and comprehensive assessment, medical theories and clinical experience such as modern medicine and traditional Chinese constitution are used to comprehensively assess the various systems of the human body and the overall health status to formulate corresponding medical, health care, prevention and intervention plans.

5. IR thermal imaging camera for critical disease screening

According to the abnormal performance of the immune system, endocrine system, and local tissues and organs and their corresponding lymphatic regions, the infrared camera online can early detect major diseases such as heart, cerebrovascular, and tumors, as well as screen and regional sudden epidemic diseases.