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The infrared thermal imager has the advantages of long-distance, non-contact, large-area, and intuitive detection. It can quickly and accurately obtain the two-dimensional temperature distribution of the equipment surface, automatically capture high-temperature points, and accurately locate the fault location; prompting operation and maintenance personnel to repair faulty equipment in time is very effective in preventing accidents and reducing energy consumption, and can be widely used in all aspects of the entire industrial chain such as natural gas production, storage and distribution, and transportation.

Application points of infrared thermal imager in safety maintenance of natural gas industry:

1. Pressure vessel and pipeline fault detection

(1) Pressure vessel

As equipment for storage, reaction and heat exchange, pressure vessels can be divided into low temperature vessels, normal temperature vessels and high temperature vessels according to the operating temperature. Infrared thermal imaging cameras can monitor the temperature distribution of the equipment to confirm the operation of the equipment (the working condition of the trap, the insulation condition of the tank, the liquid level, etc.).

(2) Pressure piping

The pressure pipeline is an important medium for conveying process medium and heat. By judging the temperature distribution of the pipeline by an infrared thermal imager, like compact thermal camera, the operation status of the pipeline can be detected (the thermal insulation of the pipe fittings, the surface temperature of the pipeline, the operation of the process pipeline, etc.).

2. Compressor unit status monitoring

(1) Compressor housing

Detect the temperature of the compressor shell to determine whether there is any abnormal operation of the air pump and other parts

(2) Compressor engine

Detect engine temperature to determine whether the engine is overloaded

(3) Compressor refrigeration system

Detect the working temperature of the refrigerator to determine whether the coolant is insufficient or the refrigerator is faulty

(4) Electrical Equipment

Detect whether the compressor power supply bus, power distribution cabinet and other electrical equipment have high temperature points to determine whether there is line aging or short circuit

3. Factory security monitoring

(1) Day and night monitoring

Traditional visible light cameras are difficult to meet the information needs of all-weather and abnormal weather images, and cannot distinguish the behavior of people, animals, etc., while infrared thermal imagers can clearly detect and discover perimeter intrusion targets during the day and night, and truly realize the 24-hour smooth operation of the park.

(2) Perimeter warning

For intrusion into the perimeter, combined with AI behavior analysis, the drum machine can identify regional intrusions, tripwire intrusions, etc., link the ball machine to track the trajectory, and the back-end platform alarms and transmits it to security personnel.

(3) Fire warning

With intelligent pyrotechnic monitoring algorithm, second-level early warning of fire point, preventing problems from unburned.

4. Gas leak detection

In the process of natural gas production, storage and transportation, many links are under abnormal conditions such as temperature, pressure, and catalysis, which are very easy to cause leakage. Gas leaks are difficult to find, and if they are not disposed of in time, they will cause environmental pollution, fire explosion, poisoning and other problems.

Commonly used gas detectors can only detect the existence of gas leakage, but it is difficult to determine the specific leakage point.

When the natural gas leaks, the gasification causes the ambient temperature to drop, and the infrared thermal imager can visually detect the low temperature point. The content of methane in natural gas is generally 85%, and the infrared band is 7.0-8.5 microns. An infrared thermal imager can display infrared images in this band.

5. Temperature monitoring of electrical equipment

The electrical equipment used in the natural gas industry mainly includes high voltage contactors, fuse panels, main power circuit breaker panels, contactors, and all distribution lines, motors, transformers, etc. Using the infrared thermal imager to monitor the operating status of electrical equipment in real time, to find the fault point in time, it can link the alarm fire equipment to remind the on-site operation and maintenance personnel to deal with it in time, and can also report the alarm information in time through the remote monitoring terminal, which can effectively prevent electrical and fire hazards caused by thermal failure of electrical equipment.